Should You Choose an Attached Garage?

When you are constructing a garage, you have a lot of decisions you need to make. One of the elements to consider when you build a garage is whether it will be attached to your house or not. It is important to look at a range of factors to help you determine which option will be best for you.

Today, garages are often used for more than just parking the vehicles. They are used for storage for tools, recreational gear, and more. In addition, many people turn their garage into additional space for their home for a rec room, an office, or a space to enjoy their hobbies. Depending on who you want to use your garage, it could affect whether you want it to be attached or detached. Read More

Keeping Your Garage Door In Shape

You want to make sure your garage door stays in great shape and continues to operate without problems for as long as possible. In order to do that, you need to pay attention to the door, and you need to do an occasional basic checkup. Each of the checkups will only typically take you about fifteen minutes or so, and you only need to do it about once every three months. If you perform the checks we discuss in the article below once during each season, you can help to make sure your garage keeps on working, and you can spot problems quickly, so you can have them repairs before they get out of hand.
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Imagine Your Dream Garage

It’s not uncommon that garages end up a mess over time. You may store things over the years and end up losing track of exactly what you have inside. If you’re tired of living that way, getting organized is a great way to break the cycle.
We’re gathered some exciting projects from the HOUZZ website. We believe that they offer a great primer for getting inspired about some garage improvements.
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5 good reasons not to attempt your own garage door repairs

Your garage door isn’t performing quite as well as it once did, and it’s also making some pretty odd noises. You’re wondering why that should be, and you decide to investigate. Be careful, though! Sometimes, trying to identify the problem and fixing it yourself can be dangerous. Here are five situations that are best left to the pros.
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Wondering how to paint your garage interior? Read this!

There’s no project quite like a garage cleanout, but once it’s done, you’ll have a huge sense of satisfaction. You might even feel like taking it a step further, and painting the interior. Before you do, though, you’ll want to do a bit of planning – figure out how you’re going to approach the project, and also consider the materials you’re going to need.
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Is It Worth It to Insulate a Non-Insulated Garage Door?

You’re wrapping up your garage renovation project – you’ve added insulation to the walls and the ceiling to help reduce heating and cooling loss and utility costs. Now you’re contemplating the garage door. It’s not insulated. Is it worth it to go ahead and cover it in insulation, or should you replace it with a new door?
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Love scrapbooking? Do it in your garage!

Usually, when we think of our garage, we think of it as a place where we park our car – even if we actually leave our car in the driveway! Today, the garage is more likely to be used as a workshop of a man cave. So, why not move your scrapbooking into the garage? There’s no reason why the guys should have all the fun!
So, what do you need to do to make your garage into a scrapbooking haven? You’ll need to get yourself set up, and we’ll help you do it.
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Should You Use a Wall-Mounted Garage Door Opener?

When you start to put together your plans for building a new garage, you start thinking about the garage door and the door opener. Many of the openers that people are familiar with tend to be the ones that are installed over the center of the door. However, those who have a substantial amount of space above the door might be wondering if they should use another option instead. There is a great option – a wall-mounted garage door opener. It could be a fantastic solution.
Let’s learn more about the wall-mounted option, the space you need, and why you might want to use it.
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The 4 Most Important Factors to Consider when Buying a New Garage Door

Take a look at your garage door. It’s likely that you have had it for many years, and it has provided great function and protection to your garage for a long time. But it’s getting old, damaged, and worn. It may be past the point of repair. Perhaps you’re looking to have a new garage door installed as soon as possible. You might have looked online for the different types of garage doors available, what they’re made of, and what they cost. You want to learn about your options on the market, and a lot of popular manufacturers have some available products that may be of interest to you. However, before you take that next step forward to purchasing your brand-new garage door, there are 4 important factors that you need to consider first.
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