October 12, 2016

10 great possibilities for a garage that has a well-insulated door

10 Amazing things you can do with a well-insulated garage

There are two main benefits to having a garage door that is weather-tight and properly insulated. First, it keeps out the winter cold. Second, it serves to keep out noise. If you want to get more use out of your garage than just using it to park your car, a properly insulated door will help you to do just that. All you need to do is turn up the heat a bit, and you can get a great deal of use out of your garage. In fact, the trend today is toward a multi-functional garage, so why not get on board?

When you consider these 10 uses for the garage other than parking your car, they might just motivate you to think about getting a weather‑tight, insulated garage door.

A convenient workshop

If you don’t have a stand-alone workshop, why not use your garage? A lot of people do. A well-insulated garage door will ensure that you stay toasty when working during the winter, and will also keep you cool in the summer. Because an insulated door also serves as a noise barrier, you don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbours when you’re using power tools.

A renovation center

Let’s face it – renovation projects done inside the house are disruptive, noisy, and messy. The garage is the perfect place to do a lot of the prep work for interior renovations. The alternative, of course, would be doing it outside, and we’re thinking you probably don’t want to be working outdoors in the middle of winter. Trust us, you’ll be much more comfortable in a heated garage, and you can keep the steps that need to be done in the house to a minimum.

A place to cut trim or molding

Again, home renovations can be done much more easily when you can do some of the work in a heated garage. You’ll be able to improve the appearance of your interior walls without having to spread sawdust all over the house.

An art or photography studio

If you, or others in your family, are artistically inclined, the garage can be the best possible place to indulge your creativity. You’ll keep unwanted dust, mess and odors from the main living areas of your home. It’s the perfect place for kids, too, to explore their artistic side without creating a huge mess in other parts of the house.

A place to refinish furniture

So, you found a beautiful old sideboard at a garage sale, and you want to refinish it. You certainly don’t want odors from paint stripper, stain or varnish in your home, but by the same token you don’t want to wait until summer so you can tackle your refinishing project out in the yard. Do it in the comfort of your garage, and if fumes are likely to be a problem, you can always install an exhaust fan.

Temporary storage

Perhaps you operate an e-commerce site out of your home, and you need a heated area with little humidity to store products before they are shipped out to your customers. Rather than clutter up your spare room, why not use your garage? Just be sure that you’re turning your inventory regularly – you want a temporary storage space, not a warehouse.

A dog training area

So, you and your dog have been going to obedience classes. And you want to practice what you’ve learned. Rather than having to go out in all manner of weather, wouldn’t you rather be inside and out of the elements? Spend some quality training time in your heated garage, where it’s easier to clean up accidents than it would be in the house, and where you don’t have to worry about scratching the floors.

An entertainment area

You could create the ultimate man-cave by bringing in a Smart TV and a stereo system. Add a fridge, and you’ll have the perfect location for a Super Bowl Party. You can host small get-togethers in a single-car garage, or entertain a larger group if you have a two-car garage. It also makes a great place for teens to party – not exactly under the parental eye all the time, but close enough that you can pop in from time to time.

A kids’ playroom

If it’s too hot or too cold for the kdis to play outside, they’ll have plenty of room in the garage. If you keep clutter to a minimum, they’ll be able to kick a ball around, play floor hockey, or even ride tricycles indoors. Then all you need to do is leave the entry to the house open so you can keep an eye on them.

A place to park your car

Yes, you can use your garage to park your car, too! When cold temperatures and snow are in the forecast, you have one of two things to look forward to – cleaning off your car in the morning and then waiting forever for it to warm up, or getting into a room-temperature vehicle that is completely snow-free. So you definitely might want, from time to time, to use your garage for the purpose for which it was originally intended.

Do you have other ideas?

If you have ideas for how to use your garage that we haven’t come up with, then we want to hear about them! We’re always on the lookout for inventive ways to use the garage, and we’d like to know how you use the space.

In addition to thinking about other ways to use your garage, you may have been considering a new garage door. If that’s the case, then contact us at 705-721-7909. We’d be happy to offer suggestions and help you throughout the process, so that you can choose the best way to use your garage.

We would also like to invite you to visit our showroom. We’d love to show you all the different garage doors we have to offer – you’re sure to find one that will perfectly complement your home’s architectural style. We can also provide you with an online quotation.

Wouldn’t you like to know how your garage door will look before you make your final decision? That’s what our Design Centre is for – you can experiment with styles, colours, windows and more to create the garage door that’s just right for you. You can also get ideas from browsing our image gallery.

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