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Garage door replacement and repair in Orillia

Garage doors can be a real hassle. They break down, wear down, and can be difficult to maintain. In fact, most people don't maintain their garage doors at all, which is one of the main reasons that garage doors break down so often. However, we can provide you with the proper assistance to get your doors in working order, whether that be through repair or replacement.

Vriezema Overhead Doors is your specialist in Orillia

Stated simply, we are the best garage door replacement and repair service in Orillia. We have a professional staff that has both the experience and knowledge to handle just about any garage door problem, so you will always receive the assistance that you need. Our staff is very helpful to the people that we work for, and will clearly explain any problem that you may be having for your own understanding. Let's talk a little about the services that we offer!

Need your garage door fixed

If your garage door has broken down and you need to have it repaired, all you need to do is call us and let our company handle the problem. Like we said, we have a highly trained staff of professionals who can assist with any difficulty you may be having with your garage door. We will come and assess the problem, and then explain to you what is happening, how we plan on fixing it, and an estimate at the cost. If you accept the estimate, Vriezema Overhead Doors will repair the door for you and get it back in working order

Complete garage door replacement adn garage door opener

Maybe your garage door is too far damaged to be repaired, or you just want something new covering the front of your house. That's alright, as we offer garage door replacement services as well. We have a wide selection of colors and styles of Garaga garage door for you to choose among that will give you the perfect garage door that best fits your own unique style. Pick one out, and Vriezema Overhead Doors will come on over and take off your old door and put on the grand new one!

We also provide you the best garage door opener on the market: LiftMaster garage door opener. Strong and durable, they are built by the Chamberlain Group.

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