March 24, 2017

Best Reasons to Update Your Garage Door System

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Opting to update and replace an outdated garage system is going to come with many amazing benefits. In addition to improving the home, it can improve your day to day life! Consider these the very best reasons to update your garage door system right away:

  • It looks good – Improving the curb appeal and aesthetics of your home are an immediate benefit of updating to a good-looking door, more stylish and more appropriately matched garage door.
  • It boosts home value – When you replace your garage door with a newer model, it is going to automatically improve the value because of the aesthetics as well as the function, security and efficiency it adds.
  • It makes life easier – Older garage doors are much more difficult to maintain, and replacing with a modern door system reduces maintenance to almost nothing.
  • It is far more efficient – Looking to cut heating and cooling costs? A new and fully insulated and airtight door is going to keep out the hot or cold air during the most extremes of weather. In many instances, this allows your new door to pay for itself.
  • It improves the functionality of the garage – Too often a garage becomes a wasted space where you just keep unwanted and/or little used items. When you replace the door, it can become more comfortable and even be converted into a play room, work space or hobby room.
  • It works as better storage – Though we just mentioned improving functionality, it is important to remember that a new door ensures that the climate inside the garage is much more conducive to storage when the door is insulated and sealed. Keep even delicate items safe and in optimal condition.
  • It boosts security – What is easier to breach, an old wooden door with loose glass panes or a metal door with tough seals and difficult to break glass panes. Doors are at least 1.75″ thick and feature metal skins to make them ultra-durable. This keeps your possessions in better shape as well as boosting home security. In fact, a huge number of home burglaries are instigated in the garage, so making it more secure is important.
  • It is easier to use – Since the early 1990s, garage door openers have featured high end technologies known as rolling code technology. This makes it difficult to access them easily. Even more exciting is that you can find plenty of systems with Wi-Fi app functionality that ensures you can always shut the door from anywhere.
  • It operates much more safely – The creation of photoelectric reversal systems ensures that doors stop in their tracks if anything passes beneath the door or attempts to enter as the door is descending.

Now Is the Time

If you are looking for even a single reason to invest in a new garage door system, we have just given you many. It is a very savvy, long term investment that will only boost the value of your home as it makes it more functional, safer and far more secure. If you have decided to take steps to enjoy the benefits of a new garage door system, contact us at 705-721-7909.

Our garage door experts will respond to a service call straight away, and you can always send an online request for a free quotation or turn to our Design Centre to update your garage door system.

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