November 24, 2017

Imagine Your Dream Garage

Woman In A dream Garage

It’s not uncommon that garages end up a mess over time. You may store things over the years and end up losing track of exactly what you have inside. If you’re tired of living that way, getting organized is a great way to break the cycle.

We’re gathered some exciting projects from the HOUZZ website. We believe that they offer a great primer for getting inspired about some garage improvements.

You can start by making a quick sketch of how you’d like your garage to be laid out. It’s also important to set a budget for the project. Once you have some ideas in mind, check out a few websites for construction material centers or companies that specialize in garage organization. You can get an idea of the prices for the things you’re interested in. Do keep in mind that if you want a huge renovation, it might cost a few thousand dollars to do it on your own, and even more if you want someone else to do the work.

Epoxy Garage floor

Now that you have a to-do list, put repainting the walls on the top. You can also consider what sort of floor covering you prefer. Epoxy paint is a popular choice, but there are many other options.

Saisonal Tools Well Organized

Wooden or PVC wall panels work great for hanging all your seasonal tools.

Melamine Cabinet

Melamine cabinets allow you to store tons of items out of view, and keep them free of dust, as well.

Working Space

Don’t forget to leave a space for your DIY projects.

Ceiling Storage

Consider the layout in 3D. Come up with ways to use overhead space and wall space to organize your garage.

Storage Over Garage Door

And don’t forget the space over the garage door!

Don’t overlook your garage door!

While you’re going crazy with an exciting new garage system, you could also consider changing the door. This is especially important if the door is older or not working as well as it once did. Just contact us anytime at 705-721-7909.

We are more than happy to come by your house to explain the many garage door products available on the market. We can also send you a quotation by email. You can get even more input from using our design center or perusing our image gallery.

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