February 24, 2017

Things to Know Before You Purchase a New Garage Door for Your Home

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Your garage door is a very important part of your home, the largest single part of your house’s façade. It also happens to be the largest moving piece of equipment in your home, and does a lot of work. As an informed homeowner, you’ll definitely want to be proud of your home and how it appears. With that in mind, you’ll be sure to want a garage door that:

  • Adds to and improves the appearance of your home, and its style
  • Requires as little maintenance as possible and works properly
  • Is strong and durable, able to last for years and years

But you may not know that much about garage doors, and that’s okay. It’s totally normal. How then, you may be asking, are you supposed to choose a new garage door and make sure it gets installed to your satisfaction? Follow along with this blog, to learn five of the most important things for you to consider before buying a new garage door.

What kinds of doors are there for me to buy?

Garage doors tend to be made out of one of three kinds of materials: vinyl, wood or metal (steel or aluminum).

  • Garage doors made of metal, like steel or aluminum, are some of the most popular doors on the market today in North America, accounting for 85% of doors installed. Part of that is because steel garage doors are cheaper than almost any other doors, and aluminum is a very versatile, light weight material. Also, steel doors may be fabricated in a wide assortment of colors. And both types of metal doors are insulated, and require maintenance and upkeep. Metal doors may also be ordered in a number of unique styles including: modern and contemporary, carriage house and ranch, mixed panels, classic, ribbed or flush.
  • Wooden garage doors have been around for a long time, and tend to have a kind of natural beauty. They’re also very versatile, allowing for a lot of customization, able to be painted and stained. The quality of wood doors can vary greatly, though, between wood composite and solid wood construction. And because of this, the price range also varies, with price often reflecting quality. And if you choose a wooden door, prepare to spend more than a little time maintaining it.
  • Other materials for you to choose from for a garage door include vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl doors are almost completely maintenance free, and highly scratch resistant. And while the upfront cost of vinyl doors is typically higher than wood or metal, you’ll make it up in the long term on the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Fiberglass doors are far and away the most expensive doors on the market. But their appearance, able to simulate a variety of other materials, is one of the primary reasons many consumers purchase them.

What kind of company should I buy a door from?

It’s sad to say but there’s very little oversight and monitoring when it comes to the garage door industry in Canada and the United States. Many companies are there one day and gone the next, and an unfortunate number of them do not even properly compensate their employees or utilize insurance.

You want to make sure to hire a company that

  • Is both courteous and professional to you as a person and customer
  • Has a variety of customer references available immediately upon request
  • Outfits their technicians and staff with proper uniforms, tools and work trucks
  • Is covered by adequate insurance
  • Supplies you with a written warranty guaranteeing both material and labor

And most importantly you want to choose a company that employs properly trained technicians. Every single year, more and more garage door accidents happen. A statistic higher even than lawnmower and snow blower related accidents. These kinds of things can easily be avoided by technicians who have been properly trained in professional safety procedures.

So when should I buy a new garage door?

One of the main reasons to get a new garage door is when your old one no longer works properly, or may be turning into a hazard. Remember, your garage door is basically a giant moving wall that, as years go by, can turn into a danger to you and your family.

And the accidents that garage doors cause are more common than you might think. Be sure to replace it before that can happen.

Also, replacing your garage door is a great idea if you want to freshen up the appearance of your home and create a better first impression. Remember, it’s one of the first things anyone sees when they approach your home. And if your garage door is covered in dents, rusts and cracks and peeling paint, it may present a poor impression of your home and lifestyle.

Or maybe you’re tired of spending so much time and work on a garage door that’s falling apart, and you just want something different.

All right, where do I buy a garage door?

When you get around to actually purchasing a new garage door, you may be surprised at all the different retailers who offer them, from the big-box stores to garage door dealers and specialists. But it is very highly suggested to research ahead of time, and contact a reputable garage door specialist. Remember, garage door technicians learn their trade in the field, and it’s how they learn skills that let them do their work under even the most difficult of circumstances.

This is the kind of company that will send a representative directly to your home, and have a showroom with plenty of examples for your family to see, so you can know exactly what it is you’re buying ahead of time. These are the companies that employ their own workers and technicians, and who guarantee all of their work from the material to the labor itself. Inventories are also carefully maintained, so that jobs are able to be completed efficiently and quickly. The motto is always, “Quality work time after time!”

Warranty — What should I know about it?

Almost every garage door comes with, or should come with, a warranty. And you need to make sure you know exactly what it is that’s being promised to you. Garage doors have many components, and are complicated things. Everything from the insulation and windows, to the hardware like the electric opener needs to be covered by the warranty. And make sure the warranty covers the labor as well. Be sure to always read the fine print, so you’re not caught off guard by things the warranty might not cover. Double check everything being sold to you.

Always keep in mind…

At the end of the day a garage door’s durability, performance and overall appearance depend just as much on the quality of the installation as on the quality of the product and material itself.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 705-721-7909 if you have any questions. We happily guarantee all of or work to better ensure your total satisfaction. And we typically respond to service calls in just a few hours. You can also send us an online request for a free quote any time.

One last thing, if you do plan on getting a new garage door. Spend some time checking out our interactive, onlineDesign Center. You’ll be able to upload a photo of your home, and create your very own garage door. See for yourself!

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